Why Teeth Whitening?

Are you finding that you’re covering up your smile, sometimes hiding yellowing teeth? Many of our patients are surprised at the difference whiter teeth make to their confidence and appearance. They smile more easily and find interactions with others more natural and freeing. An easy investment in whiter teeth can make a big difference in your smile, confidence and your life.

So, How Does It Work?

A brighter smile is easy. The first step is to make an appointment! We will take the time to perform a full examination and diagnosis. Then we will discuss the best whitening options for you. Your treatment plan will be customized to your budget and needs as well as be designed to get your teeth to your desired shade of whiteness.



KöR MAX Whitening | Brightens Tetracycline stains and may be a good option if you’re sensitive to bleach. This whitening treatment comes with custom trays, 2 in-office bleaching treatments, and a take-home bleach for maintenance.
Sheer White! Take-Home Strips | They work a little like over-the-counter whitening strips, but have much stronger bleaching power and a dentist-approved formula.

In-Office Bleaching

KöR In-Office Bleaching | Comes with custom trays, and a take-home pre-treatment to be used before office visits. Impressions of your teeth will be made, and trays will be available approximately 1-2 business days later.
Opalescence BOOST In-Office Bleaching | This is a single in-office treatment. Your session can take as little as 70 minutes and you can walk out of our office with a brighter, more brilliant smile.

A Smile That Shines!

Denver Tech Dentistry takes smiles seriously. A beautiful smile can make all the difference. We are ready to discuss all your whitening options. Call us and set up your appointment today!