What is Dental Bonding?

Bonding can be a great way to help restore your smile! It’s a perfect treatment for teeth that lack luster or teeth that have chips or fractures. Bonding is the placement of a tooth-colored composite resin over your tooth. It can be a good choice for people with decayed, chipped, fractured and discolored teeth. Bonding can also be used to make your teeth appear longer.

What are the Benefits of Dental Bonding?

Fast & Easy | The procedure is simple and quick. Usually, this treatment only takes thirty minutes to an hour to complete.
Inexpensive | Dental bonding is often more cost effective than other dental restoration procedures.
Improve Appearance | When you improve your teeth, you improve your smile. A beautiful smile can improve your appearance and help you to feel more confident. A great smile can also make you look younger!
Close Gaps | If you have gaps in your teeth unrelated to tooth loss, dental bonding is a great way to treat them. The bonding material can be used to shape your teeth and make them appear closer together.
Improve Your Tooth’s Appearance | If you have a discolored tooth, dental bonding can be used to improve the color of your tooth, helping it to look polished and to match the other surrounding teeth.
Filling Alternative | Sometimes, the bonding material can be used as an alternative to a regular dental filling.

The Bonding Process

First, Make an Appointment | Our examination will determine if dental bonding is the right choice for you. We will discuss your goals and craft an individualized treatment plan. X-rays may be needed.
Prepare the Tooth | Using a shade guide, we will select the composite resin color that matches your surrounding teeth. Your tooth is etched, to roughen the surface, then coated with a conditioning liquid.
Apply Bonding Material | When the tooth is ready, we add the composite resin. It is then shaped and molded for best results. Next we use ultraviolet to quickly harden the resin. Once hardened, we finalize the shaping of your tooth, then comes the final polish.

Return Shine to Your Smile!

Are you considering dental bonding? Denver Tech Dentistry is ready to answer all your questions and help you make the best decisions for your appearance and health. Call us for an appointment today!