What Are Dentures?

Are you missing some or all of your teeth? You may want dentures. A denture is a removable plate or frame that holds artificial (prosthetic) teeth. Permanent, or implant, dentures are also available.

At Denver Tech Dentistry, we offer a variety of dentures, including:

Traditional Dentures | Traditional dentures are removable, rest on your gums, and are easy to slip on and off.
High-End Dentures | High-end dentures have a more natural look than traditional dentures.
Custom Dentures | Custom dentures are tailored to fit your appearance and speaking style. You can personalize denture details, such as gum shade, texture, and ridging.
Implant Supported Dentures | Implant supported dentures are secured to your jaw bone with implants and are permanent dentures.

Why Choose Dentures?

Fully Functioning Teeth | Bite and chew your food without the discomfort caused by missing teeth.
Youthful Appearance | Tooth loss can lead to bone loss. Bone loss can lead to loss of definition, which leaves your face with a sunken-in appearance that ages you. Dentures can help return shape and definition to your cheeks, chin, and jaw, returning a more youthful look.
Improve Self-Esteem | Missing teeth leave you feeling self-conscious and insecure, unable to smile with confidence. Dentures can return that confidence to your smile.

How Does it Work?

Make an Appointment | During your first appointment, your dentist will complete a thorough examination and diagnosis to determine if you’re a candidate for dentures. An individualized treatment plan will be created. X-rays may be needed.
Create a Mold | We will create a mold of your gums using dental putty. The mold will be sent to a laboratory where the plate, or frame will be manufactured.
Fitting | Once your dentures are ready, they are fitted and checked for comfort.

A Great Set of Teeth is a Call Away!

We at Denver Tech Dentistry are ready to help you get that smile you’re looking for, whether through traditional dentures, permanent dentures, or something in-between. Call for your appointment today!